Solar Panels - Supply and Installation

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Trust Wagga's Clean Energy Council accredited installer, Mark Taber.

  • Our team will connect you with a top quality solar system, designed from the ground up to suit your needs.

  • All of our electricians are fully qualified and certified to install all solar makes and models.

  • We also ensure all paperwork is complete including Essential Energy application and approval, and process your rebate off the initial cost of the system.

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Operating throughout the Wagga Wagga region, including Coolamon, Junee, Uranquinty, Henty, The Rock, and surrounding areas.

Residential & COMMERCIAL Solar

With so many solar companies popping up, trust the team who have been around for 35 years. 

D & S Taber Electrical and Solar are a team of electricians with many years of experience in Wagga, and you can rest assured that our solar power products including panels, inverters and batteries, and installation of these are of the highest industry standards. From initial consultation, site analysis, system design, installation and maintenance, trust a local team who is committed to delivering over and above your expectations.

Thinking about getting a battery?

There are 2 ways for solar and batteries to provide your solar storage.

A hybrid system is the most common, which is where an existing solar system or new solar system is installed with batteries used together with the electricity grid. The solar panels produce power which the inverter converts to ac power for your home or business to use. Without a battery, the leftover energy produced is sent back to the grid and you are then paid a small amount for this contribution. When you install a solar battery, that excess power is captured and stored, which allows you to use it when you run out of solar power, versus buying from the grid. Some systems will also keep you running in the case of an emergency black out.

Off-grid or stand-alone solar battery systems are when the solar system is not connected to the grid due to location or choice. These are usually seen in more rural and regional areas of Australia where it is either impossible or too expensive to connect to the grid, including for sheds and other external buildings. Your solar panels produce power which is sent to the battery via the inverter. The batteries then feed your building using 100% clean energy from your panels. A back-up generator is helpful to provide additional energy if your stored energy levels fall too low.

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Solar Panel Maintenance

A solar energy system is a big investment, and to ensure the long life of your system and that it performs safely and efficiently throughout that life, it is recommended that you have your solar system serviced at least every two years.

D & S Taber Electrical and Solar only use CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited installers, which means that our service process incorporates the detailed requirements of the solar power industry. Servicing your solar system is like servicing your car. Ongoing maintenance can assist with finding potential issues before they become big problems, and continue to drive your overarching goals of saving money and helping the environment for years to come.

Please contact us to book an inspection, including a comprehensive system check and report, or for more info.


Why choose a company that only hires or subcontracts to Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installers?

Certified and trained to ensure your rooftop solar system Installation meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards

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The Clean Energy Council is committed to ensuring the high quality of solar installations by accredited installers and improving the standards of the photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Standards relate to design, installation, safety, performance and reliability.

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